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Description:"Singing is something I had done since I was a child, simply because I loved doing it. When I turned eighteen, I decided to go to an open mic event. I knew I wanted to be on stage because I had performed dance and theater previously. Singing live created quite a fear for me and I wanted to conquer that. From that first open mic event I was introduced to a world of music that I hadn’t known existed. I had been always in the dance world or theater in Calgary and had no reference point to the local music scene. I was hooked from that first open mic and started going to more events, and meeting more people."
Record Created: 2021-09-21 13:26:55
Last Modified: 2021-09-21 13:29:06

Recent Bookings at The Blues Can:

Shaye Zadravec and Tim Leacock. 7:30pm showtime. $10 cover at the door....  2021-09-27  19:30:00