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Name:Buzz Elroy and his Hayseed Rockets
Description:Since falling off the turnip truck Buzz Elroy and his Hayseed Rockets have made quite a name for themselves...unfortunately that name cannot be printed here but good or bad they have people's attention. Along with the unknown standards Buzz sings he also writes about the happiness and joy caused by all the pain, misery and suffering in his life, occasionally he will venture into the seldom explored areas of love and hope. Whether it's a full out rockabilly attack or a rock steady honky tonk bounce the cracker jack backing of Earl Garnet (lead guitar and Boss tuner) and Santo (Doghouse bass and guess my bassline) keep the women salivating at the prospect of gathering hairstyling tips from the boys after the show. So if you're blue and in need of a lift catch Buzz and the fellas the next time they play because nothing cures the blues faster than listening to someone else moan about their problems, it'll be dandy!

Record created: 2012-01-05 11:10:16

Last modified: 2012-01-08 12:17:30

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