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Description:With guns drawn and wits sharpened like steel points Cowpuncher comes to plunder the Canadian musical landscape with a sound that borders paranoid country with a stinking wool mitt of rock and roll. Cowpuncher is a collective of the finest musicians that Western Canada has to offer and they are unabashedly passionate in the performance of their high energy brand of music. Lock up your daughters and hide your horses when these wild-men come to town, they have laid waste to almost every small town in the western provinces. Along their travels Cowpuncher has been abused by, or have abused, such greats as Fred Eaglesmith, The Fast Romantics, The Smokin’ 45s, Kent McCalister and the Iron Choir, The Dudes, Cam Penner, Axis of Conversation, Leeroy Stagger and Dojo Workhorse. Cowpuncher recently released their second album “Call Me When You’re Single” which was recorded in a converted Church in the mountain town of Coleman. Cowpuncher is Canada’s most beloved underground band; resourceful, ruthless, and relentless.
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