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Name:Poppa Dawg
Description:\"Poppa Dawg is one of those ‘one-man-army’ crusaders that Blues (and all indie music) depends on so dearly. The concept of devoting one’s life to music with the Joy Factor being the no. 1 goal is something that the ‘greed-driven’ just can’t grasp. There’s always hope for music and mankind when there are crusaders like Rick in abundance and in some places (outside of North America) people who devote their lives to making and promoting blues are revered and respected. Besides leading his own band and making his own Blues, Poppa Dawg is ‘The Man’ when it comes to Interior, British Columbia. He keeps everything going, connecting clubs with artists, helping touring bands get gigs in Kelowna or Nelson, encourages venues to at least try live music and runs a website/e-mail newsletter that keeps us all informed. So, even outside of a recording context he is invaluable and irreplaceable. Dawg has an easy-on-the-ears, natural blues voice and his guitar work betrays decades of influences from Johnny Watson to Elvin Bishop. Tasty and tasteful. But, it’s his song writing that really surprises. Great lyrics and humorous poetry abound set to catchy riffs designed for the sacroiliac. Several tracks are very memorable and worthy of ‘borrowing’, so let’s hope Dawg gets these to some ‘stars’ for exposure and royalties.\" Andy \'Blues Boy\' Grigg
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Poppa DawgSeating starts at 7:30pm. Shows start at 9pm. $15. Please call...2017-07-0121:00:00
Poppa DawgSeating starts at 7:30pm. Shows start at 9pm. $15. Please call...2017-06-3021:00:00

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