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Name:Al Lukas
Description:Al Lukas was born in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada. He started playing the guitar at the age of fourteen, after his father showed him his first chords on the family guitar. He then started taking guitar lessons from his uncles and grandmother who raised a musical family that formed Kapuskasing’s only bluegrass band, Nothing in the Crib. Al soon took his father’s place in the band as the acoustic flat-top guitarist and as a back-up vocalist. Al actually had to be coerced into becoming a singer, as his skills on acoustic guitar kept growing with the bluegrass band while touring Northern Ontario in his mid teens. His uncle and music mentor, the late Maurice Desilets, encouraged Al to sing lead in order to give the singer in the band a break during sets. “As I started to sing and project more I noticed I had this rather gruff voice” Al remembers. Lukas quickly noticed its impact. “It’s interesting to see how people react when I sing that first note onstage. I do see heads turn,” he says.
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Al LukasAl Lukas solo show. 8pm, no cover.2017-03-1320:00:00
Al Lukas8:30pm. No cover.2017-03-0220:30:00

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