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Name:John Primer and the Real Deal Blues Band
Description: There are few Chicago blues musicians more deserving of the title “The Real Deal” than John Primer. From strumming a homemade guitar in Camden, Mississippi during the post-war era, to touring and playing alongside Willie Dixon & The Chicago Allstars, Muddy Waters and Magic Slim, Primer has lived and breathed the blues for over half a century. This Grammy-nominated artist spent years polishing his chops playing clubs in Chicago’s blistering Westside blues scene before headlining a famous blues club called Theresa’s Lounge in the rugged Southside. Eventually, this gig caught the ear of Muddy Waters who immediately called upon John to join him on tour as both his guitarist & the opening act. John would remain loyal to Muddy until his untimely passing in 1983 when John continued the push forward and joined Magic Slim. After touring with Magic Slim for 14 years, around 1995 it was finally time for John Primer to come into his own and launch his first album, “The Real Deal.” Primers latest album is comprised of all original material and proves he is at the top of his game. He avoids playing the crowd pleasing blues standards that generate easy applause and refreshingly plays old hidden gems while also perfecting new and exciting originals that are sure to keep everyone on their feet all night. For some 1st Class electrified Chicago Blues, come on down to The Blues Can this Friday and Saturday to see this blues legend tear the roof off the house with his “Real Deal” blues band. Tickets are $15 advance by phone or pick-up, or $20 at the door. Call 403-262-2666 to reserve tickets! See you at the Can!
Hometown:Camden, Mississippi
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