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Name:The Silvertone Devils
Description: “The Silvertone Devils” are the Brainchild of Virtuoso Guitarist/production wizard Brent Wright and up and coming Guitarist/singer/songwriter Brett Spaulding. "We decided that we just wanted to be in a good band, with good musicians. Have a real unit, and have fun playing intelligent Rock n Roll." says Spaulding. The band often ventures outside of the genre, into R&B, Blues, Jazz and Fusion. The common belief is that you can rock anything. Third member to join the group was long time friend Chad Holtzman, who got into a habit of visiting Brent and Brett’s apartment to jam. Holtzman has released solo albums and also did a stint in the succesfull ABBA tribute band ‘Bjorn Again’. He is a very accomplished Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter, Bass player, and Producer. The fourth member to join “The Silvertone Devils” is friend and Percussion monster Andye Ericson on Drums. Andye has logged countless session hours while running a successful local recording studio. "Andye Ericson is one of the most bad ass drummers I have ever seen anywhere in the world, and we are very lucky to have him involved. He makes everything sound and feel so much better!" - Spaulding. "There is an abundance of talent, and experience in this band. We are also all good friends which comes out in our music, and especially in the live performance. Plain and simple, were just havin' a gas, and that energy translates to the crowd, which comes back to us, which goes back to them, and on and on…its a very cool thing!" - Wright
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