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Description:Bluessmyth is a heavy blues band. The rhythmic foundation of Bluessmyth is laid down by Jason Yaholkoski’s deep, definitive bass playing, combined with bombastic, hammerhead drumming, and then is finished off with Chris Yaholkoski’s fire and brimstone guitar lines alongside his rich, classic blues voice. The band's original songs meld the guitar, bass and drums into the likes of a perfected jam session, and they prove themselves well in live concert. Apart from their three albums (30 Pieces of Silver - 2004, Bluessmyth - 2006 and Sola Gratia - 2009), Bluessmyth has performed a number of covers of the bands they've looked to for inspiration. These include Ben Harper, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and more. They have also covered many traditional gospel songs in their own fresh way of mixing blues and rock.

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Bluessmyth8:30pm, no cover.2017-10-2620:30:00
BluessmythSeating starts at 7:30pm. Shows start at 9pm. $15. Please call...2017-01-0721:00:00

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