1429 9th Avenue SE, Calgary (403) 262-2666

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An update for all our fans, patrons and musicians:

Well it is finally that time... Time to enjoy The Blues Can again!

 As of June 29th we are opening our doors once again!!!

 It won't quite be the same, but it will be much better than what we've had for the last few months. We are planning and preparing and getting ready both inside and out, and we are going to entertain in the safest manner possible.
 We will be serving a limited menu, as well as offering take-out including off-sales.

 We are always available for corporate functions offering extra promotion and private seating. So come on down and enjoy our usual hospitality, food and some of the best live-music in the city!

 We are not allowed to offer up our dance floor and must observe social distancing, but for the most part we can all enjoy each other (from a distance) and have a drink and a bite while listening to first class entertainment.

 So keep up with us on the website and Facebook to see what's coming up. We all look forward to seeing you soon!!

 We are not too proud to ask for help and we need plenty, so if any of you can offer any we will gladly accept through an email transfer to: donate@thebluescan.com or use the Donate Button below.

 Thank you so very much!

 A big THANK YOU to everyone who has donated already and helped to get us this far! And with any luck we will be able to keep it going and eventually come out of our curent Covid dilemma and go back to enjoying one of the best small venue experiences available anywhere!  And I mean anywhere.

 See y'all soon!


 ps: anyone have any HAY BALES they can drop off?