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An open letter to all our fans, patrons and musicians:

Well, well well.  What can we say that you don’t know already?  Strange days to be sure.  As all of you know, we at The Blues Can have been forced to close for the foreseeable future along with all other bars, restaurants and music clubs in our country and others.  We know many of you have questions and we will try and answer at least a few:

1)  Are we going to open again?  If we have any say at all the answer is YES, absolutely.  This is our livelihood, the livelihood of our employees and contributes to the livelihood of all the musicians who play here.  In addition, all of our patrons have a stake in this too.  We won’t let you down and will work to the death to rise again.

2)  Is there anything we can do?  Yes, absolutely.  Be patient!  A lot of this is out of any of our control so we have to stay positive and be confident that our leaders are doing whatever they can to balance keeping us all safe while attempting to maintain as much of our existing infrastructure as they can.  Not all businesses will be saved, big or small.  The smallest are at the highest risk and unfortunately we are one of the smaller ones.

3)  What about financial help?  Yes, we need financial help.  Without it we may not be here after this is all over.  Whether that will come from some level of government is yet to be seen.  They are talking a good game but so far there is nothing available to us.  Maybe soon.  Our suppliers and landlord are being cooperative for now and everybody is waiting to see what the various levels of government actually do and when.  In the meantime we are accepting donations whether from a “Donate” button below, an email transfer to donate@thebluescan.com or any other act of kindness anyone can think of.  If you are the letter writing kind of person, maybe a note written to your MP or other politician expressing a desire to not have our entire hospitality industry wiped off the face of the earth would help.
p.s all monies donated will be distributed to musicians, employees or suppliers based on need.

4)  Are we still streaming?  Yes, we are still committed to streaming.  Every day we post an old stream onto our Facebook page so anybody jonesing for a Blues fix can tune in there.

5)  What about take-out/delivery?  We have never been setup for take-out or delivery.  We have purposely kept our prices rock-bottom and have never had the extra 25 to 30% required by Skip, Uber etc.  As far as take-out goes, we have seen little interest.  If our patrons really miss our food let us know and that is something we could possibly look into depending on how long this disruption goes on.

We will do our best to answer any other questions any of you have if you send them to info@thebluescan.com.

The Blues Can Management and Staff.