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To all our patrons and musicians:

    February 8th 2021

    We are open again!  The powers that be have deemed us worthy of carrying on our business again.  Whether or not that is a good idea has yet to be seen.

    We will do our best under the circumstances and are hopeful we will survive this wretched pandemic.  We will be here despite only being able to service about 40 to 45 of you at a time until a maximum of 10pm.   Instead of live music we are only able to offer you pre-recorded videos from our streaming archive on our huge screen with our signature awesome sound coming through our regular PA equipment.   The videos present life size and bigger.  We only ask that you not be fooled by dancers you see in the foreground; please don't join in, we are still forced to prevent dancing, singing and hollerin'.   We of course have our full menu of scrumptious Cajun treats and all your favorite beverages!

    Our survival is anything but guaranteed under the awful circumstances and restrictions we will be operating under.  We are not simply a restaurant or bar.  We are a live music venue that has traditionally specialized in unique musical acts both local and brought in from all over the world.  

    Our leaders I feel are not addressing that fact and are treating us as though by 10pm our patrons have fulfilled the desires they have come to us for when in fact in pre-Covid times you would have barely just arrived.   So be it. It is better than the nothing we have had since mid December.   So while we wait for good weather and our summer PATIO (Oh yes, it will be back!) we will make do with what we have available to us.   We sincerely hope you will join us and help us survive.   If you are in isolation, quarantine or are just following advice and staying home perhaps you can help us out with a donation through an email transfer to: donate@thebluescan.com or use the Donate Button below.

The following restrictions are currently mandated:

-Face coverings required unless seated.
-6 people maximum per table.
-Tables 2 Meters apart.
-Contact information must be collected from at least 1 person per table.
-Last call 10pm dining ends by 11pm.
-No entertainment (live music) allowed.

    For any politicians/lawmakers reading this:

    PLEASE, Please please talk to experts about the dangers of small scale musical performances and consider the fact that performers are no more infectious than anybody else and the activity of playing music is no more dangerous than any other interaction between humans.  Also remember singing on stage is NOT the same as singing in a choir or other group vocal activity.


This Week:


March 1, 2021

We'll be back.


March 2, 2021

We'll be back.


March 3, 2021

We'll be back.


March 4, 2021

We'll be back.


March 5, 2021

We'll be back.


March 6, 2021

We'll be back.


March 7, 2021

We'll be back.

Coming Soon:

Return of The Blues Can.