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To all our patrons and musicians:

September 20th 2021

To answer the question on many peoples minds ... Yes we will be restricting access to The Blues Can to only vaccinated patrons.   We do not take this decision lightly, and Yes, we do realize the implications of such a decision.   We have been forced to implement this policy by our provincial government who did not have the intestinal fortitude to force all Alberta businesses to do so.   Yes in this country you have the freedom to choose not to vaccinate yourself and your families, be thankful for that.   You have that freedom which selfishly impinges our ability to run our business by clogging up our hospitals and ICUs.   We have suffered a myriad of different restrictions over the last 18 months, some benign some massively damaging and pushing us to the brink of bankruptcy.   We understood the necessity of that before very effective vaccines were available but not now.

Anybody who feels that their right to remain un-vaccinated includes the right to put us out of business will have a moral and legal fight on their hands.   Just stay home please.   Leave those of us who choose to vaccinate ourselves to enjoy the fruits of our decision.   If you honestly think Bill Gates is tracking us through miniature electronics or that the medical community who have been producing safe, effective, world changing vaccines for literally hundreds of years when technology was a faint sliver of what it is now have rushed a vaccine to market that is unsafe or that a nebulous "new world order" has managed to bio engineer a substance that is going to kill you with some pre-determined trigger and disguised it as a vaccine I really feel quite sorry for you, but I still won't let you in.

The Blues Can is for the foreseeable future for vaccinated patrons only and yes our staff are required by our owner to also vaccinate so we eat our own dog food.

I hope that these measures will encourage more people to get vaccinated.   We may never eradicate this virus and may have to massively increase hospital capacity or graveyards or both but as we do I hope The Blues Can is still there.   Still purveying the best live music anywhere, still producing great food and your favorite drinks, still a place to dance and laugh with friends, still a place to meet new friends and maybe even a spouse.

So please if you haven't yet, go get vaccinated for all of our sake and then come on down and enjoy life.   Or not and stay home and shiver in fear under your blankets.

Life is too short to be an anti-vaxer.

Monday- 4:00 pm to Close
Tuesday- 4:00 pm to Close
Wednesday- 4:00 pm to Close
Thursday- 4:00 pm to Close
Friday- 12:00 noon to Close
Saturday- 12:00 noon to Close
Sunday- 12:00 noon to Close


This Week:


September 27, 2021

SHAYE ZADRAVEC   Show Time 7:30 PM

- Shaye Zadravec and Tim Leacock. 7:30pm showtime. $10 cover at the door. Seating starts at 7pm.


September 28, 2021

Tom Phillips & The DT's   Show Time 7:00 PM

- Come on down for Honky-Tonk Tuesdays! Spectacular musicians performing a spectacular show! Nothing else like it.


September 29, 2021

Tom Phillips   Show Time 4:00 PM

- 4-6:30pm.

Hurricane Felix & The Manik Men   Show Time 8:00 PM

- 8pm-12am


September 30, 2021

John Rutherford   Show Time 4:00 PM

- 4-6:30pm

The Wine Soaked Preachers   Show Time 7:00 PM

- 7-11pm


October 1, 2021

Tom Phillips & Tim Leacock   Show Time 12:00 PM

- Noon-2:30pm.

Jay Coda Walker   Show Time 5:00 PM

- Happy Hour Friday with Jay Coda Walker! 5-7pm.

Brother Ray Lemelin & The Matinee Kings   Show Time 8:00 PM

- 8pm-12am. $10 pre-sale, $15 day of show & at the door. Seating starts at 6:30pm. Please call 403-262-2666 to make your Reservations, or email us your phone number: info@thebluescan.com


October 2, 2021

Saturday Jam with Tim Williams   Show Time 3:00 PM

- The absolute finest Saturday Afternoon Blues Jam there is! Saturday's 3-7pm. C'mon out & hear/play with the most passionate authentic bluesy crowd around. Get yourself a great table & a Cajun meal & participate in a True-Blues Experience!

Brian McCullough Jam   Show Time 4:00 PM

- 4-7pm

Bill Hills   Show Time 8:00 PM

- 8pm-12am. $10 pre-sale, $15 day of show & at the door. Seating starts at 6:30pm. Please call 403-262-2666 to make your Reservations, or email us your phone number: info@thebluescan.com


October 3, 2021

Jam with Anthony Davis & Peter LaMarr   Show Time 3:00 PM

- Jam hosted by Anthony Davis and featuring Peter LaMarr. 3pm-7pm.

Jam with Ray Lemelin & The Matinee Kings   Show Time 8:00 PM

- Brother Ray Lemelin hosts the Sunday Evening Jam starting 8pm til 12am.

Coming Soon: