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To all our patrons and musicians:

    Well, here we go again!  December 12th 2020 and another lockdown is upon us.  This time we are not allowed to open to the public at all.  They say 4 weeks but we'll see; it depends on things far from our control.  Undaunted we continue...  With skeleton staff we try and supply Blues Can comforts as best we can.  

The Blues Can's NEW YEAR'S EVE Prime Rib Take-Out Dinner!.

Dijon-Crusted Prime Rib of Alberta Beef.
Smoked Horseradish Demi-Glaze.
Herb Roasted Nugget Potatoes.
Medley of Winter Vegetables with Hollandaise Sauce.
Dessert... BumbleBerry Crumble pie.


Two Prime Rib Take-Out Dinners, paired with a bottle of Prosecco (or Wine) $75.00

Pick-up only, 4pm - 9pm.
(403) 262-2666

Would you like to Pre-Order?
Call this afternoon or tomorrow (Wednesday) to pre-order your pick-up for Thursday afternoon.

We also have the regular menu available all the time.

And other GREAT gift idea's at The Blues Can...
Hoodies ($65)
T-Shirts ($25)
Toques ($15)
Ball caps ($15)
And Gift Certificates!

    We are up against the wall and despite our discomfort we are applying for every form of support we qualify for.  We are a proud and independent bunch here and having to operate for so long in the red is rather nerve wracking to say the least.  We have cut and trimmed to the very bone and believe that we can survive this although I don't know how much of that is fact and how much is faith and hope.  

    Thanks to our patrons and musicians who have stood by us and hopefully continue to do so.   We are not too proud to ask for help and we need plenty, so if any of you can offer any we will gladly accept through an email transfer to: donate@thebluescan.com or use the Donate Button below.

    We fondly remember our out-of-town and international bands and hope they are all doing well.  They should be chomping at the bit to get back here to one of the most amazing venues, with the most amazing fans in the world.  Good times will return!  

    There are vaccines making the rounds now which should eventually relax restrictions and allow us to enjoy the things we love.  Mistakenly I always assumed singing, dancing and laughing were a basic human right, denied to no one.  Oops, I couldn't have been more wrong.  With 2020 almost behind us, let us all continue to do our part to help improve things however we can.  Darwinism should take care of the anti crowd.  You know who you are.  Cry about your constitutional rights all you want, the virus doesn't observe those rights so feel free to die or kill your loved ones defending them.  I will not.  Nor will I allow you to affect us.  These are imperfect rules created by imperfect humans faced with a herculean task no one signed up for.  

    So please, please support the arts, hospitality and especially any small independent business.  We are all in jeopardy of living in a world full of nothing but Walmart, MacDonalds and the CBC.  Think about that!  

May you all have a safe & healthy holiday season!  

We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!  


This Week:


January 18, 2021

We'll be back.


January 19, 2021

We'll be back.


January 20, 2021

We'll be back.


January 21, 2021

We'll be back.


January 22, 2021

We'll be back.


January 23, 2021

We'll be back.


January 24, 2021

We'll be back.

Coming Soon:

Return of The Blues Can.